The founding members of Green Pipeline Initiative came together as part of a grass-roots effort to oppose the 36″ Nexus high pressure natural gas pipeline.  We have all been personally affected by a pipeline proposal and know first-hand how difficult it can be.

We fought for factual information and resources when this pipeline project threatened our homes, community, environment and watershed – and we want to share what we’ve learned.

Right now, numerous pipeline proposals are on the table or under construction in the Northwest Ohio area – Nexus, ET Rover, Kinder Morgan Utopia and others.

We raise awareness and provide updates on proposed pipelines, the permitting process, health and safety information as well as information on landowner rights, potential re-routes and legal actions. We’ll assist in navigating the public comment periods to get your voice heard.

In particular, Green Pipeline Initiative will focus on pipelines that affect the globally rare Oak Openings Region, the Maumee watershed and Lake Erie Basin.

Partnering with environmental groups, property owners and government representatives we can preserve and protect our land and water, our homes and communities.  Please join us!

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