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August 10 FERC Comment Meeting Swanton OH

This is our last chance to voice our opposition to the Nexus pipeline and compressor station.

FERC will be holding a series of meetings throughout Ohio and Michigan – Swanton OH will host the first one.  Toledo Blade Article  Please come, even if you don’t plan to speak – join us in opposing this unnecessary and dangerous project.

FERC is primarily focused on environmental concerns… that means Air Quality/ Air pollution, Water Quality, Wetlands, Drainage, Flooding, Drinking wells, any issues related to de-watering, Native Plants/Animals, Endangered Species, damage to the Oak Openings Region.

*FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) has the final say.  They alone have the power to deny or approve the Nexus project

Please tell all your neighbors along the route and invite them to come: Waterville, Whitehouse, Neapolis, Swanton, Metamora.

FERC Comment meeting August 10 at Swanton High School 5pm Please come and show your opposition to the Nexus pipeline and compressor station

FERC Comment meeting August 10 at Swanton High School 5pm Please come and show your opposition to the Nexus pipeline and compressor station



5K Walk/Run/Bike “Move Against The Route” and Say No to Nexus

Grab you family, friends and neighbors and join us on August 7th to show your opposition and raise awareness about the proposed Nexus pipeline and compressor station.

12:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Get information about the upcoming FERC public hearing on August 10.  View recent route maps. Pick up extra yard signs. Get a very cool t-shirt!  Enjoy FREE food and entertainment all day long.   You can also “Move Against The Route” – walk, run or bike a 5k loop that goes by the proposed site of the Waterville Compressor station.


Community Event in Waterville to show our opposition to the proposed Nexus pipeline and compressor station

Community Event in Waterville to show our opposition to the proposed Nexus pipeline and compressor station

Nexus Pipeline: FERC Releases Draft and Schedules Hearings for August

NEXUS PIPELINE UPDATE:  FERC has issued the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).   READ THE DEIS

We will have a short window of time to review it and reply to FERC with any comments. Comments will be accepted through August 29

This is the FINAL comment period for the Nexus pipeline proposal.  FERC has scheduled public hearings as well.  SAVE THE DATE – August 10 is the meeting for the NW Ohio area – Swanton, Whitehouse, Waterville, Neapolis, Metamora.  Location:  Swanton High School. You may arrive at any time after 5:00 PM and FERC will stop taking comments at 10:00 PM.

Our primary goal is to fill the room to capacity and to get effective comments on the draft Environmental Impact Statement documented in the public record. Your presence matters.

Please share this with your neighbors.  Even if you don’t wish to speak, please plan to come and support your community in saying NO to this destructive project.

Here are the dates and locations:Below is the schedule for FERC’s upcoming public comment hearings:

August 10, 2016
Swanton High School
604 North Main Street
Swanton, OH 43558
(419) 826-3045

August 11, 2016
Tecumseh Center for the Arts
400 North Maumee Street
Tecumseh, MI 49286
(517) 423-6617

August 15, 2016
Quality Inn, Fremont
3422 Port Clinton Road
Fremont, OH 43420
(419) 332-0601

August 16, 2016
Elyria High School Performing Arts Center
601 Middle Avenue
Elyria, OH 44035
(440) 284-5209

August 17, 2016
Wadsworth High School – James A. Mcilvaine Performing Arts Center
625 Broad Street
Wadsworth, OH 44281
(330) 335-1369

August 18, 2016
Green High School
1474 Boettler Road
Uniontown, OH 44685
(330) 896-7575

Nexus Pipeline Re-route Proposals

We’ll preface this post by saying:  We don’t want pipelines anywhere near homes or towns or in the Oak Openings region or under the Maumee River.

No one does.

But, if we can’t manage to stop pipelines, we want to see them put where they would have the LEAST possible impact to both the environment and local residents.

Our efforts to re-route the Nexus Gas Transmission pipeline is an example of this.

Looking at the first Nexus maps we saw their planned route was unnecessarily close to towns, subdivisions, schools, nursing homes and parks.  At that time, Nexus pipeline was to be 42” diameter (now reduced to 36″).  The blast zone was approximately 1400 feet on either side of the pipe.

In Lucas and Fulton counties, the Nexus route would mean trenching through approximately 180 acres of the globally rare Oak Openings region and numerous wetlands.

So, we worked with the Coalition to Re-route Nexus, CORN (Medina County, OH) to propose a viable alternative route that was safer, with less environmental impact.

The Western Re-Route was created by Swancreek Township Trustee Rick Kazmierczak with Walter Lange and Deborah Swingholm – all Founding Members of Green Pipeline Initiative.  The reroute was submitted to FERC on April 28, 2015.

The proposed Western Re-route would stay south of the Maumee River moving west parallel to St. Rt. 6, crossing the Maumee River and turning north near St Rte. 109.  The Western Re-route continues north along the Detroit Toledo and Ironton Railroad.  The southern portion of the railroad is seldom used and the northern portion is only used occasionally by Northstar Bluescope Steel.  The re-route avoids Evergreen schools and the village of Metamora.

The Western Re-Route Benefits

The Western Re-route was carefully considered using local knowledge of the area – residential concerns, soil, water table, drainage and unique ecological issues.  The re-route accomplishes a number of important objectives:

  • Impacts fewer homes and structures (64% fewer in Fulton County)
  • Impacts fewer wetlands and water bodies
  • Avoids the historic Moseley area of the Oak Openings Region, including the Maumee State Forest.
  • Reduces impact to the Oak Openings sand aquifer and more than 536 shallow drinking wells (less than 25 feet deep) in Fulton County OH.  Reduces the chance for these wells to be de-watered or contaminated during construction.
  • Reduces the potential for water pollution or wetland contamination during construction
  • Locates Nexus in soils that will be dryer and more stable for construction, reducing the need for large-scale dewatering due to the extremely high water table.   This means less impact to the aquifer and it reduces potential drainage issues.
  • Locates the pipeline and compressor station further away from the Bowling Green water treatment plant, the town of Whitehouse and the city of Waterville.
  • Follows or parallels existing ROW as much as possible.

*We provided FERC a map for the Fulton County segment; CORN was to map the segment in Wood and Henry County.  This was not completed and we are working to finish mapping that segment.  Without this, Nexus drew their version of the re-route through the Oak Openings region – clearly the opposite of our intention.  We have addressed this with FERC – January, 2016.

Oak Openings Avoidance Re-route

In response to requests from conservation groups such as the Nature Conservancy and comments by many concerned residents, in November 2015, Nexus proposed something called the “Oak Openings Avoidance Re-route”.  This route also accomplishes the above objectives.        Nexus even suggested in May, 2015 they would route the pipeline around the Oak Openings region – article Toledo Blade

However, in the same set of documents Nexus immediately gave a list of reasons why they would not be pursuing it.  They dismissed the Western Re-route as well.   *Nexus Resource Report June, 2015 *Filing Report November, 2015

Essentially the Nexus argument against both reroutes boils down to this:  too costly, too long, wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway.  They state MORE impacts, instead of less.  We disagree.

What Nexus did NOT offer:  a detailed map of their versions of the re-routes, the specific parcels studied, soil sampling data or anything else.  We have requested this information through FERC but have received nothing in response.  We want to do our own independent analysis of their data.

We firmly believe that IF the Nexus pipeline is approved for construction, these re-routes must be incorporated.  The re-routes are viable and constructible.  Populated areas should be avoided, the Oak Openings region should be avoided, wetlands and the Oak Openings aquifer should be avoided.

Please – continue to send your comments to FERC


Nexus pipeline reroute map Oak Openings Western sm

2 re-route proposals for the Nexus pipeline

Wind Data, Turbine Loads and Emissions Profiles – EPA Testimony

This chart is part of the wind data we offered at the Ohio EPA hearing (March 16, 2016).  The “wind rose” shows direction and wind strength. Prevailing winds would help move pollutants directly into the town of Waterville.  We also offered testimony regarding the specific turbine being proposed, noting that at low load levels, the emissions will be much higher than expected.  Nexus is likely to run the system at lower than design throughput and these emissions profiles must be reconsidered by the Ohio EPA.

Read our full statement here:   Epa hearing testimony 3_2016

Our other members discussed the problems with using averages for emissions and questioned the high emissions events or “odor event” days.  Others presented the negative health effects of particulates, benzene, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides and other VOC’s that would be emitted – noting how these would impact schools, nursing homes and families.

waterville wind rose gs 1200



600 Residents Say No to Nexus

It was standing room only last night as nearly 600 residents gathered at Waterville Primary School for an Ohio EPA hearing regarding the Nexus pipeline compressor station proposed at the edge of town.  Their clear message:  No toxic emissions, No Nexus pipeline, No compressor station.

Nexus staff – we hope you are watching.  We won’t let this happen in Waterville or Whitehouse or any other town in NW Ohio.

“Ideally I don’t want to put it in someone else’s backyard, but the chances of us stopping it are very hard,” said Stacy Owen. “So if it is going to come common sense would be to put it in the least populated area possible.”

If residents have concerns about the Waterville compressor station and were not able to express those concerns at Wednesday night’s meeting, individuals have until Monday, March 21st to email their comments and questions to

13ABC coverage here


Toledo Blade coverage here

WTOL 11 coverage here

Ohio EPA Informational Meeting and Public Hearing – Waterville OH

Ohio EPA Informational Meeting and Public Hearing March 16, 2016 Waterville Ohio - Air quality and emissions from the proposed Nexus Pipeline Compressor Station is the topic.

Ohio EPA Informational Meeting and Public Hearing March 16, 2016 Waterville Ohio – Air quality and emissions from the proposed Nexus Pipeline Compressor Station is the topic.

Ohio EPA Public Hearing on the proposed Nexus pipeline compressor station for Waterville OH – March 16th, 2016.  6:00 pm.  Please come early if you plan to speak.  Our aim is to get as many effective comments on the record as possible. We need to make our case that the compressor station is a hazard for this growing population center. This is our opportunity to present a winning argument backed up with facts and data.

Pipelines in NW Ohio: FERC Has the Final Say

We know that ET Rover and Nexus are working hard to get their permits and certifications so they can proceed with construction.  BUT that day is not here yet!

Public comment and opposition can still sway the outcome.

In the case of the Nexus pipeline, for example, we are continuing to argue for a re-route that is safer and smarter – a reroute that affects fewer homes and families, avoids the aquifer (which feeds drinking wells) and avoids the globally rare Oak Openings region. Our re-route proposals would also move the compressor station further from Whitehouse/Waterville OH.

The projects are still under review.  Now is the time to send your objections, comments and environmental concerns to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission  CLICK here for more instructions on comments to FERC

We hear it all the time…  “what can I do?”  WRITE!  Will a pipeline damage forest on your property?  Are you aware of any native or endangered species near your property or on the pipeline route?  Do you live in the Oak Openings region?  Are you concerned about water quality or wetlands?  FERC is considering environmental impact – and they have the final say on these pipeline projects.  

*Note:  Kinder Morgan Utiopia is not under FERC jurisdiction.