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Here Come the Land Agents

Over the last three weeks, Land Agents have been trained for two pipeline projects proposed for our area – Nexus and Kinder-Morgan Utopia.

These agents will begin knocking at doors soon and they will want people to sign easement agreements immediately.  We encourage you to wait – PLEASE DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING YET.

It is far too early in the process to do so.

At this time, these projects DO NOT have their permits or certificates to proceed with construction. Legal action and re-route proposals are still being pursued by local residents and government bodies. Signing now may damage those efforts and lock down the pipeline routes.

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Pipeline Hazards and Damage

Numerous pipeline proposals are aiming at northwest Ohio currently.  In particular we are focused on Nexus, ET Rover, and Kinder-Morgan Utopia.  Each one of these pipelines represents a hefty burden for our communities.  Some of our concerns:


  • Destruction of flora and fauna of the Oak Openings Region – hundreds of acres of land would be clear cut and dug up.  Repair is impossible in some of these sensitive  habitats.
  • Wetlands may be damaged
  • Drainage issues and flooding problems if even small changes occur to creeks, ditches and field tiles.   The water table is high.  After all, we’re in the Great Black Swamp.
  • De-watering during construction will impact aquifers and shallow wells (less than 25 feet) may go dry. Contamination of the aquifer is a concern.
  • De-watering events may also aggravate algal blooms in Lake Erie.  Questions about effects to the watershed have not been addressed.


  • Proximity of pipe and compressor station to population centers, parks, elder-care facilities, water treatment plants, schools, homes and subdivisions.
  • Risk of ruptures and explosion from weld failures, third-party damage, or corrosion.
  • Evacuation plans would be needed in case of accidents, ruptures or explosions.
  • Local fire services (many volunteer) would be overwhelmed; lack ability to contain multiple fires in event of a blast.


  • Toxic emissions from compressor stations such as benzene, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds – VOC’s.  Health complaints reported near compressor stations include nosebleeds, headaches, asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • Reported stress and sleeplessness from noise, smells and low frequency vibration.

Property Value Loss

  • Property values would be lowered depending on proximity to the pipeline or compressor station. One independent study shows a 15-25% reduction is common.
  • Marketability of homes and land would be impacted.