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Pipeline Safety Coalition
Pipeline Safety Coalition’s focus is on improving public, personal and environmental safety in pipeline issues.  They provide information, education and community mentoring.  They facilitate respectful and productive conversations between citizens, environmental groups, local/state government officials and pipeline operators.

Mayor’s Council on Pipeline Safety
A national, bipartisan team of mayors, elected officials, fire chiefs, first responders, government and non-government organizations, educators and citizens interested in pipeline safety.

Oak Openings .org
Conservation groups, parks and wildlife agencies working in concert to preserve Ohio’s globally rare Oak Openings region.  Find out about restoration efforts in the Oak Openings.  Learn about the specialized habitats, native plant communities and animals of Ohio’s Oak Openings… you’ll understand why this is not a good place to locate pipelines.

Join our group of residents in Waterville OH and Whitehouse OH against the Nexus compressor station – if built, it must be in a more sensible location, away from populated areas, schools and nursing homes.  Join the conversation and find out how you can help.

File your comments with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  This is the agency that has the final say regarding the Nexus pipeline and the ET Rover pipeline.  How to file your comments with FERC

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