Updates – January 2018

Yes.  We got behind on posts!

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ET Rover is under construction but has had numerous shut downs and legal issues due to spills of gasoline and drilling fluid.  High quality wetlands have been destroyed and groundwater contaminated.

This is just the kind of concerns we raised regarding the wetlands in Lucas and Fulton County OH, in the Oak Openings region.  The Nexus pipeline route goes right through the heart of the Oak Openings region and many wetland areas….

Nexus construction route

Nexus construction 3

FERC approved the Nexus pipeline, OH EPA approved the Air and Water Quality permits.  Construction is just beginning.

We’ve all been dreading this day. Equipment is on the ground. Digging and road boring has begun in Fulton County.

We’ll be turning our focus to testing air and water quality as things proceed (especially since we KNOW what kind of mess Rover made). If you see anything that doesn’t look right, let us know.

Watch on Facebook as we’ll discuss any critical impacts to wells and water.  We are looking into baseline air quality monitoring.  And, we’ll post suggestions for how to monitor construction and de-watering.  IF ANY CONTAMINATION OCCURS it needs to be reported asap to the EPA.